Daniel Tighe

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher

My first yoga class was classically cliché, on a rooftop in Goa, in 2008. Prodigiously ahead of the curve and having my midlife crisis at merely the quarter mark. The seed was planted but I wasn’t yet ready to let go of my tightly packaged suffering and I returned home to another nine years of battling with a gambling addiction. While in UL studying Politics and Economics, I would go to the weekly subsidised yoga classes to help with my golf swing.
Increase my core strength and flexibility and watch that little ball fly! Shortly after my tendons went and so did another effort to distract myself from the truth.
At UL I enrolled in their mindfulness classes, gently approaching surrender and hurriedly backing away again. A trip to Colombia teaching English followed with meditation my sole companion. I discovered many beautiful things internally and externally. Meditating over the raw power of the Amazon something I will keep within me eternally. The obligatory Ayahuasca session with the local jungle shaman followed. ‘Espiritu muy fuerte’; I’m sure he says that to all the guys!
Returned to Ireland I signed up to a 10-day Vipassana retreat in January 2017. Ten whole days of silence and meditation was a wonderful opportunity to meet yourself and you better hope you like what you see! Combining my vipassana practice with increasing yoga
classes and regular cacao ceremonies heightened my awareness and consequently gave me some choice where previously none existed. No choice without awareness!
In September 2017 I started practising Kundalini Yoga. Simultaneously I went to a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting. I continued doing both and this dual spiritual programme has brought
me a long way in a little over two years. Maybe not very far materially, but lightyears in terms of inner peace. I trained to become a Kundalini Yoga instructor throughout 2018 and have taken some Level 2 modules also. I have co-hosted a retreat in Lanzarote, taught at the Masters of Calm festival in Fermanagh, alongside regular classes and workshops. I have a particular interest in creating conscious community, intimately aware of the importance of building supportive connected communities so we can weather the storms of the modern world together.

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